Update Nov-2023 from Gambia

Update Nov-2023 from Gambia

Monika wrote on November 19th, 2023, from Gambia:


We, four members of the association „Bützower für Gambia e. V.“, are in The Gambia and have already done some things. I want to report on them here:

The first visit was, of course, to the children and staff at our school. 128 children were waiting for us with joy, as there were sweets and other surprises that parents cannot give their children here.

Our expectations were confirmed that the staff are doing a good job thanks to the new management under Fatu. Discipline and order in the classes were also noticeable. The cooks now have very good working conditions thanks to the modernization of the kitchen in the spring. However, the cooks also have more work with the daily cleaning of the tiles. That was unusual for them at first. We were able to enjoy the tasty food ourselves several times!

During the rainy season in August, the roof had to be replaced. We are very grateful that a sponsor from Klockenhagen financed this!

During our first visit, Erik immediately noticed a dangerous spot in the building structure for children and staff. A lintel in the porch of the fourth classroom was visibly cracked. The necessary repair was immediately carried out professionally by re-shuttering. It then turned out that the bracing of the extension had not been incorporated into the pillar; it was too short.

We then paid the school fees to 22 children. We also talked to the trainees: Karim is training to be a nurse, Abdoulie is learning accounting and Lala is learning management.
Amie passed her training with very good results and is currently applying for a job. Her wish is to study anesthesia later.

For us, these are good examples of how our motto „helping people to help themselves“ is implemented and works, for which we are grateful.

It is also important for us to discuss a planned new garden project during our stay. The area of the garden will be at least twice as large as the first, so successful project. Yesterday we visited the site with the Alkalo (mayor). There were surveying errors in the spring, so we now have to re-measure. We are therefore waiting for the documents from Alkalo. We cannot draw up a cost plan for the funding application in Germany before then. Without funding, the project will not be feasible. Yet it is very important for the livelihood of the families in the village of Labakorreh, which we support.

Women’s Garden Area II | Call For Donations

We visited many sponsored families during these 14 days and handed over donated gifts and food.

With temperatures of up to 37 degrees and more, this year’s stay places particular physical demands on us. At times we move at a snail’s pace. Electrolytes often give us much-needed energy.
At these temperatures, we notice another difference to Germany: The asphalt roads here have no heat damage.

Greetings from The Gambia!