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Helping people to help themselves: How a garden project run by women is changing the life of a village in The Gambia

Women in Labakoreh, an African village in The Gambia, also have different life plans. However, these are limited: by the way they live and the opportunities they have to shape their own lives and contribute to their families‘ livelihoods on their own responsibility. This depends on education and family relationships, role models, financial opportunities, and the needs of women. It also depends largely on their solidarity with each other and their level of organization.

This is where the association’s first women’s empowerment project came in: The „Women’s Garden Project“, which was initiated, financed, and supported in its implementation by the association, was launched in 2022 in the style of a cooperative market garden and has since developed successfully. Thirty women from the village were given the opportunity to set up and run a market garden (three wells, fencing, toilets, storehouse). Financially, this was only possible thanks to the generous donation of a couple to the association for this purpose. In practical terms, it was necessary to be on site twice a year to provide organizational help and guidance.

The expansion project „Labakoreh Garden area II“ now needs infrastructure and your support!

In 2024, a further 25 women from the village want to work on the expanded „Women’s Garden Project“. That alone is a sign of how valuable this project and the work of the local women is for them. It is clear that the „Bützower für Gambia“ association is trying to help realize this wish. After all, this is the self-imposed goal of the association’s work.  

For 20 years, the small Mecklenburg association „Bützower für Gambia e. V.“ has succeeded in making a lasting difference to life in the village of Labakoreh in The Gambia, not far from the west coast of Africa.

In the nursery school built and run by the association, over 130 children are taught by permanently employed teachers, whose training was also co-financed by the association. In this school, all children receive a warm meal every school day. This can also be financed with donations. Private donors also pay the school fees for vocational training for many young people in the village.

How is this possible? Instead of transferring a sum of money in a one-off fundraising campaign and then hoping that it will reach the people in the village and be used as we intended, we have done something different.

The initiators around Monika Thomsen founded an association in Bützow that helps people in a village in Africa to help themselves in a transparent and personal way. The association only does what it can oversee and what it can influence and works with the local people and not simply for them.

Those who donate to this association experience in concrete terms how their donation changes the lives of specific people in a village in The Gambia. You can keep in touch yourself and visit this village and get to know the people personally.

Donate now for women’s power in a Gambian village, which primarily benefits the children and themselves: the garden project „Labakoreh Garden area II“!

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