Update 2022/2 on 11/13

Update 2022/2 on 11/13

Monika wrote via online messenger on 11/13/2022:

On 10/25 three members of the association flew the second time this year to Gambia to continue working on the „Village Garden Project“ in Labakoreh. In April we still did not reach our goal of finishing the toilets, the equipment and sales room and the fence. The four-week fasting period, a religious custom, did not make it easy for us to organize the work. It is now even more important for us to organize a tight work schedule during these four weeks–which we have succeeded in doing so far.

The day after our arrival we bought iron, cement, sand, wire, and many other materials. In the afternoon we made arrangements with the craftsmen and the work could begin. Since then, we have been on site almost every day. The project is picking up speed and taking shape. We have also been able to complete many other important tasks.

Sponsors of our association contacted me online in Gambia and spontaneously transferred money to the association’s account for poor families who suffer most from the accumulation of weather disasters. This way we were able to provide twenty families with rice, oil, and onion. The fact is that some families are already starving. There is enough food–but the prices are exploding. The families were very surprised and grateful for the help.

Due to the heavy rainy season many problems arose. The water in the wells rose almost to the edge of the well and became unusable. The authorities examined the water and also wanted to close our school. The water level must be restored to the old level first and will be purified by certain tablets. We are now getting connected to the water supply laid by the state.

I hope that we will be able to accomplish all the goals we have set for ourselves by the time we fly back on 11/21. With temperatures of 34 to 36 degrees Celsius, this is not always easy, plus the high humidity. The time flies by. Among other things, we will still pay the school fees to our older children.

Many thanks to all sponsors and warm greetings from the people of Labakoreh in The Gambia!