Update 21-10-19: News from Gambia

Update 21-10-19: News from Gambia

While autumnal temperatures prevail in Bützow, it is currently much warmer during our visit to Gambia. Not easy to handle for the president of the association and her companions. But the joy to be back in Labakoreh after such a long time and to be able to act together with the people there prevails.

Monika writes via Whatsapp:

„After initial difficulties, everything is falling into place. […]

Our planned project of vegetable cultivation will probably work out. Land has been allocated. Only some formalities with Alkalo, meeting with the women and some other things have to be done. The mills grind slowly, but we know that.

School has been in session for three weeks. Of course, the food supply is working out as usual! I had lunch with the teachers yesterday. Our cooks are very busy and it tastes good.

Several sponsored families were visited and supported with rice, onions and oil. During the first visit last week, several families thanked us for the quick and uncomplicated help after the strong storm.

The Alkalo and the Municipal Council would like to thank the sponsors and Lamin who spontaneously arranged everything with and for us.

Greetings to all of you from Malve, Lami and me.“

Ralf Badenschier, editor of the local newspaper „Schweriner Volkszeitung“ in Bützow, reported in an article and brought the beautiful picture (at the top of this page).

In his article, the journalist pointed out once again that a severe storm in July caused considerable damage to the buildings and boundaries. As is known, these were quickly repaired with the help of numerous donations. As a result of the damage, no one in Labakoreh went hungry, and food supplies were replenished with the help of our donors, despite higher prices. The pandemic is also causing economic problems for the country, as tourism is the main source of income.

Our maxim in the association is „help for self-help“. We want to improve the lives of the people in this village with them, so that we learn from each other. Because, of course, this is also a give and take. And women’s solidarity is also important to the members of the association across continental borders. For example, the women of the village will work together on a joint project to grow vegetables, which will help provide the village with needed, healthy food on a sustainable basis. Surely such a project has some other effects for the community life in the village. And in the end, the whole globe is just that – a global village.