Short update April 2021

Here is a transcription of the translation of the words Monika said in the audio message to Labakoreh that we publish here on our home page.

„Hello, dear friends from Labakoreh in Gambia,

We are sending heartwarming greetings from Germany to you.
In this complicated Corona times we have not forgotten you.
The donators, the sponsors of your families and our Gambia social club friends are often asking about you.

Fortunately, we are well informed about your problems by Lamin Gei.
This way we know about the lack of sufficient food for many of you.
You don’t have to be worry about providing a warm meal for the 130 pupils. We have ensured them and will do so furthermore.

Current Ramadan continues to challenge you all under these circumstances, we know.
Hence we decided to give out a food contingent for our employees. Some sponsors have decided to give them out for their families too.

Many greetings with love from Monika, the sponsors, social club members and friends. Take care of your health. Stay healthy. We looking forward to see you as soon as possible.“